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Employer Feedback



ITQ Case Study written by Rebecca Mather from HMRC Trinity Bridge for the Unionlearn magazine.

On Thursday 19th April 2012 a celebration event was held in the ground floor conference room for colleagues who had completed and passed a level 1 and level 2 ITQ qualifications.

As part of my Union Learning Representative role (ULR) I am the project lead for the ITQ courses that are organised and arranged through union learning. The courses are run in the ‘Promoting Confidence and Skills’ Learning Centre situated on the 1st floor East Wing in Trinity Bridge House in Salford.

I organised for a fully funded level 1 and level 2 ITQ course to be delivered for colleagues by the provider Mercia, who had been working for some time with staff at HMRC Bootle. I worked with Mercia to arrange a series of presentations to management and staff to promote the benefits of the ITQ courses. I then worked closely with management; specifically Terry Flynn, Christine Hiscox and Alison Lowe to agree the number of staff could attend the courses and negotiate time off for staff to attend the course. These negotiations have secured a rolling programme of level 1 and level 2 ITQ qualifications for up to 10 members of staff to participate at each level at any one time. Working with management on this was a great experience and they were very supportive of the chance for staff to develop their ITQ skills and backed this up with the provision of official time for staff to attend the course.

40 members of staff have now completed a level 1 ITQ qualification and 10 staff has completed a level 2 qualification. As part of the ITQ programme a large number of the group have also achieved Literacy and Numeracy qualifications up to level 2. This is such a brilliant achievement and all of the staff worked incredibly hard to gain these qualifications and should be very proud of what they have accomplished. As I had organised the ITQ course I felt it was important to recognise this achievement and to congratulate the staff so I organised the celebration for them. It was attended by the staff, their managers, Christine Hiscox, Paul Caren and Alison Lowe from the SLT and the tutor Jayne and Marketing officer Sandra from Mercia and Mike Bennett the Branch Learning Coordinator. Myself, Alison and Sandra spoke to congratulate the staff and 3 members of staff who had completed the course also spoke about their experience.

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