Employer Surveys

Mercia Evaluation

If you are an employer and would like to provide any feedback about one of our courses please contact us or submit an online evaluation.

Ofsted Survey

We have developed an online questionnaire for employers to give us your views about the providers you work with.

If you work with more than one provider you may be sent an email by each of these providers, and are welcome to complete a questionnaire for each one.
Please note that the link to the questionnaire will be different for each provider.

We would be grateful if you would fill in the questionnaire to help us understand how well the further education and skills provider supports you and how well it ensures the best possible outcomes for learners.

You can complete the questionnaire and find out more information about it by clicking on the link below.


Ofsted will use the questionnaire to help to prioritise which providers to inspect. Results will also be used by inspectors during the inspection to identify issues to look at in more detail.

If you have any queries or require assistance please call our National Business Unit on 0300 123 1231 or email us at surveys@ofsted.gov.uk.

Thank you for completing our questionnaire. Your views are important to us.


Charles Ojukwu
Development Officer

Skills Funding Agency Survey

With our efforts to improve the service we offer, we regularly ask employers and learners to evaluate the training we provide. The Skills Funding Agency also require us to ask employers to rate their satisfaction with different aspects of training delivered by Mercia Partnership. The scores calculated for each provider are published to enable employers to make comparisons between providers.

The Skills Funding Agency is a partner organisation of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and it exists to fund and promote adult further education (FE) and skills training in England.

For the 2014/15 survey we asked employers about the training or learning their employees received during the year in which it was delivered. The deadline for this survey to be completed was the 17th May 2015. Thank you if you have completed this survey. The 2015/16 survey will be posted when it is made available to us.

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