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bksb write, develop and supply interactive solutions to improve English, maths and ICT skills. These are all designed around the functional skills criteria, but are also suitable for any other skills improvement programme.

Each learner is treated as an individual, taking assessments which identify their current level and specific skill gaps. They can then access a huge range of learning resources to improve in the areas that need most help. This approach motivates learners by minimising repetition of those areas in which they are already confident.

It may be useful to know a bit about our background. We have been established for over 17 years and our solutions are used by thousands of education providers and millions of learners around the world. In the UK, an incredible 80% of colleges use bksb, along with hundreds of schools, training providers, councils, prisons and employers. So, if you decide to become a bksb user, you will be in extremely good company.

bksb was originally established within a UK college and continues to operate from within education. This means that our focus is always on ensuring that the solutions we produce are, first and foremost, educationally excellent. We do not have shareholders or a private owner, so profit is really not our thing. Outstanding achievement is.

Many people, from all walks of life, are held back because of a lack of the fundamental English, maths and ICT skills needed to function in the modern world. bksb supports organisations and individuals to raise their skills, improve their confidence and fulfil their potential.

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EDI – supporting learning and performance

Education Development International plc (EDI) is a leading provider of education and training qualifications and assessment services.

In the UK EDI is accredited by the Government to award a wide range of vocational qualifications, including Apprenticeships and Diplomas.  EDI’s expertise is in quality assuring work-based training programmes working closely with employers and over 1500 private training providers and further education colleges.

Internationally, EDI trades under the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry brand and offers a range of business and English language qualifications which have a history that can be traced back to 1887.  LCCI International Qualifications are widely used in South East Asia and over 100 countries around the world.

EDI has a strong reputation for the innovative use of information technology and the prides itself on building close partnerships with its customers to support learner performance.

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