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Mercia Partnership are seeking to develop more of a presence around the web. As such you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,,,, and in future we hope to place more company profiles and website links around the internet.

Mercia have just opened a forum for learners to interact and ask questions to tutors on the following webpage

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Last updated: January 9, 2014 at 16:32 pm

Mercia Partnership Provider Focus – GMLPF

The Greater Merseyside Learning Providers Federation (GMLPF) is a non-profit organisation that champions and supports over 50 Merseyside work based learning providers. They have kindly featured us on their website and e-bulletin. To view the article, please visit and Provider Focus is on the homepage.

GMLPF is one of the largest work based learning provider networks in the country. They work with stakeholders such as the SFA, NAS, Connexions and North West Providers Network, facilitating collaborative projects and promoting work based learning to employers, schools, parents and young people. Through their involvement in a range of initiatives, they aim to help providers improve their standards for the benefit of Apprenticeships and work based learning as a whole.

Through GMLPF membership, providers can access a range of benefits including best practice workshops, staff development, involvement with Borough Networks, membership of the North West Provider Network and the Association of Learning Providers, as well as strategic links to organisations like the SFA and NAS.